ECIMF Project Events

Information about past and future events related to the project.
This page contains links to documents submitted for presentation during various meetings and conferences, as well as additional information like agendas, links to external sites etc.

The events are sorted by date, with the oldest events listed at the bottom of the page. There are two main sections here:

Upcoming events

Past events
  • 2002.12.19: IDEAS-Roadmaps meeting, Brussels
    • Presentations:
      • Integrated Value Chains - Andrzej Bialecki (PPT, PDF)
  • 2002.11.14: ECIMF Presentations for KTH/DSV, Stockholm
    • Presentations:
      • ECIMF Business Context Interoperability - Andrzej Bialecki (PPT, PDF)
      • Interoperability through semantic labeling with context - Andrzej Bialecki (PPT, PDF)
      • ECIMF Toolkit - Andrzej Bialecki (PPT, PDF)
  • 2002.10.22: Final ECIMF meeting, Brussels
    • Presentations:
      • Overview of CWA, comments for final editing - Andrzej Bialecki (PPT, PDF)
      • Report and comments from Plenary meeting - Andrzej Bialecki (Word, PDF)
  • 2002.06.10: ECIMF meeting, Paris
    • meeting agenda (Word, PDF)
    • Presentations:
      • Overview of other relevant standardization activities - Andrzej Bialecki (PPT, PDF)
      • Interoperability through semantic labeling - Andrzej Bialecki (PPT, PDF)
      • Demonstration of an e-commerce framework mapping tool - Andrzej Bialecki (PPT, PDF)
    • ECIMF Semantic Translation tool - installation package and README.
  • 2002.02.19: Joint ECIMF / MULECO meeting, Brussels
    • meeting agenda (Word, PDF)
    • minutes from the meeting (Word, PDF)
    • ECIMF presentations:
      • Overview of the current project documentation (PPT, PDF) - Andrzej Bialecki, WebGiro
      • Business Context Interoperability and eBTWG Business Objects (PPT, PDF) - Andrzej Bialecki, WebGiro
      • Proof-of-Concept Tools (PPT, PDF) - Andrzej Bialecki, WebGiro
      • Entish - Agent based languages and architectures for web service integration (PPT, PDF) - Stanislaw Ambroszkiewicz, Polish Academy of Science
    • MULECO presentations:
      • Project proposal / CWA draft (Word, PDF) - Martin Bryan, SGML Centre
      (to be completed...)
    • Report on the project status (presented during the Workshop plenary meeting) (Word, PDF) - Andrzej Bialecki, WebGiro
  • 2002.02.06: Diffuse ( conference on Web Services, Brussels
  • 2001.12.17: ECIMF interim meeting, Brussels
    The meeting has been canceled.
  • 2001.10.16-17: CEN/ISSS plenary meeting, Brussels
    • agenda with changes and annotations ( Word, PDF)
    • ECIMF presentations:
      • Business Context Equivalence - use of REA and UMM for interoperability (PPT, PDF) - Andrzej Bialecki, WebGiro
      • Methodologies for Ontology-Based Semantic Translation (PPT, PDF) - Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Univ. Bremen
      • Knowledge Engineering Tools and Semantic Translation (PPT, PDF) - Andrzej Bialecki, WebGiro
      • Intelligent Agents and Business Process Integration (PPT, PDF) - Frederic Camuzard, Motorola
      • Catalog Integration Methods (PPT, PDF) - Prem Couture, Cyscom
    • minutes of the meeting: (Word, PDF)
  • 2001.09.13-14: CompTIA / E-Commerce Standards Board conference, Reading UK
    (See also the CompTIA website)
    • agenda (Word, PDF)
      (NOTE: due to the events in US quite a few speakers didn't show up...)
    • ECIMF presentations:
      • ECIMF Project, overview (PPT, PDF) - Andrzej Bialecki, WebGiro
      • ECIMF Approach: Business-aware integration (PPT, PDF) - Andrzej Bialecki, WebGiro
  • 2001.06.12-13: CEN/ISSS E-Commerce Workshop plenary meeting, Oslo
    • agenda (Word, PDF)
    • ECIMF presentations:
      • Short summary of the project (PPT, PDF) - Andrzej Bialecki, WebGiro
      • Positioning of ECIMF towards OAG, RosettaNet and ebXML (PPT, PDF) - Andrzej Bialecki, WebGiro
      • RosettaNet Conceptual Model of XML standards and convergence (PPT, PDF) - Thierry Ceillier, RosettaNet
    • minutes from the meeting (Word, PDF)
  • 2001.05.03: ECIMF project kick-off meeting, Brussels
    • agenda (Word, PDF)
    • ECIMF presentations:
      • E-Commerce Integration Meta-Framework (PPT, PDF) - Andrzej Bialecki, WebGiro
      • Conceptual Modeling with Conzilla - Ambjörn Naeve, KTH
    • minutes from the meeting (Word, PDF)

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