ECIMF Project Status

Current status of the project.
Here you can find the following information:
Name Description Leader Status Last update
Harmonization & Alignment
HA-ebXML Harmonization of ECIMF with various ebXML specifications (CPP/CPA and BPSS). WebGiro? acf ***.. 2002.02.20
HA-UMM Harmonization of ECIMF with UMM DSV/KTH, WebGiro Acf **... 2001.12.20
HA-RNIF Harmonization of ECIMF with RosettaNet RosettaNet, WebGiro Acf ..... 2001.07.25
Res-SEM Research on techniques and methodologies for discovering of semantic correspondence and conflict detection CID/KTH, WebGiro Acf ***.. 2001.12.20
Res-PM Research on techniques and methodologies for designing the process mediators DSV/KTH, WebGiro Acf *.... 2001.07.25
Res-SYN Research on techniques and methodologies for mapping of message syntax and protocol components acf ..... 2001.07.25
Res-TOOLS Research on freely available tools to support the methodologies, and possibility of their use in the project acf **... 2001.12.20
Des-SEM Design the modeling notation to be used for mapping of the semantic correspondence CID/KTH, WebGiro Acf **... 2002.02.20
Des-PM Design the modeling notation for the process mediation acf ..... 2001.07.25
Des-SYN Design the modeling notation for mapping of the syntax acf ..... 2001.07.25
Des-MAN Design the representation of the recipes (MANIFEST) WebGiro Acf *.... 2001.07.25
Edit-GM Editing and adding new materials, publishing on the website and CEN/ISSS mailing lists WebGiro Acf ***.. 2002.02.20
Edit-TS Editing and adding new materials, publishing on the website and CEN/ISSS mailing lists WebGiro Acf **... 2001.12.20
Edit-POC Editing and adding new materials, publishing on the website and CEN/ISSS mailing lists WebGiro Acf ***.. 2002.02.20
Edit-WEB Establishing a web information center for the project WebGiro A ***** 2001.12.20
POC-cases Selecting and preparing two or more cases for the Proof-of-concept mapping RosettaNet, WebGiro Acf ***.. 2002.02.20
POC-mapping Creating the mapping between POC cases. Acf ***.. 2002.02.20
POC-ECIT Creating the tools necessary to implement the POC runtime CID/KTH, WebGiro, ICFocus, HP acf ..... 2001.07.25
Tools-CON Extending Conzilla to provide notation for mapping of semantic correspondence CID/KTH Acf **... 2001.07.25
Description of status fields: lowercase=false, UPPERCASE=true
A - assigned
C - cancelled

F - failed

Progress of the task:
1-5 - relative level of completion, 1 being "the start", and 5 being "completed". Completed parts are shown as asterisks, parts to be done as dots.

Another view of the task completion is whether the project reached its intended milestones. Here is the graphical view of the milestones (below you can find their description):
Year 3Q01 4Q01 1Q02 2Q02 3Q02 4Q02
Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Planned 0 - - - 1 - - - - 2 - - - - - - 3 -
Actual 0 - -
Mile stone Planned Date Actual Date Planned Deliverables Actual Deliverables
M1 Jun-01 Jun-01 Initial Proof of Concept (POC) for the approach:
  • Reformulate and elaborate on the FAM CWA material in order to show how Conzilla tool can provide structured and contextualized added value to a textual description.
  • Provide an initial description of the methodology for comparing the e-commerce frameworks (this will form the draft of ECIMF-GM document).
  • Prepare a simple example of mapping the differences between two e-commerce frameworks (e.g. BizTalk and e-Speak), using the proposed approach.
The actual deliverables follow the plan, with one exception: the proof-of-concept study has been conducted using hypothetical examples of e-commerce frameworks. The most likely candidates at the moment seem to be RosettaNet and ebXML.
M0 Oct-01 ? Initial ECIMF specification and basic tools integration
  • Initial version of the ECIMF-GM and ECIMF-TS documents, and models of a concrete business process in two selected e-commerce frameworks.
  • Customization of the tools to support the modeling notation introduced in ECIMF-GM.
The CWA drafts have been updated in Nov. An example of integrating one specific business process has been provided. The Conzilla tool has been integrated into Protege-2000 and equipped with an RDF backend.
M2 1Q-02 ? Refined ECIMF specifications and extended tool-chain
  • Refinement of the ECIMF specifications based on further comparative modeling of the selected frameworks.
  • · Extended support for the process in the tool-chain: integration of Conzilla, scripting language and the ECIML code generation to form the ECIMF Navigator tool.
M3 4Q-02 ? Further refinements to ECIMF specifications, and a reference ECIML-compliant agent implementation
  • More refined ECIMF specifications, and additions to the tool-chain to support the specification.
  • Depending on the support from industry partners, a basic reference implementation of the ECIML-compliant server.

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