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Welcome to the E-Commerce Integration Meta-Framework Project information Center at GetOpt.
The E-Commerce Integration Meta-Framework project (ECIMF), acting under auspices of CEN/ISSS Workshop for Electronic Commerce, is an international effort to provide a standardized methodology and specification for designing and implementing integration bridges between currently incompatible systems. The scope of the project includes both interoperability between different e-commerce standards, as well as integration of internal legacy systems with external e-commerce interfaces required by business partners.

The project members include representatives from research, industry and consumer organizations.

NEW! The project has been completed as of February 2003. Please visit the documents section to download final deliverables.
Or, you can jump directly to read just the summary and conclusions, and only then read the full background documentation.

If you are visiting this site for the first time, we recommend starting from the short Project Overview information.

Breaking news

  • 2003.02.22 NEW!
    The final deliverable of ECIMF project has been approved during plenary meeting of CEN/ISSS E-Commerce Workshop. Please visit the Documents section.
  • 2002.10.22
    Presentations from the closing ECIMF meeting in Brussels are now available Events section.
  • 2002.06.20
    Presentations from the Paris meeting are available now. Also, we are proud to present the first version of the ECIMF Semantic Translation Tool - in the new Software section.
  • 2002.03.04
    Presentations made during the Feb 20th Brussels meeting are now available in the Events section.
  • 2002.02.06
    The presentation from the Diffuse conference on Web Services - applying ECIMF 4-layer model to assess interoperability solutions
  • 2001.11.29
    Massively updated project documentation version 0.3 is available. Download it here (both Word and PDF versions available)

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