Class FNV1a64

  extended by org.getopt.util.hash.FNV1
      extended by org.getopt.util.hash.FNV1a64

public class FNV1a64
extends FNV1

Implementation of FNV1a - a fast hash function. The FNV1a variant provides a slightly better dispersion for short (< 4 bytes) values than plain FNV1.

This implementation uses 64-bit operations.

Andrzej Bialecki <>

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.getopt.util.hash.FNV1
FNV1_32_INIT, FNV1_64_INIT, hash, INIT
Constructor Summary
          Create a hash
Method Summary
protected  long fnv(byte[] buf, int offset, int len, long seed)
          Compute the hash value.
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getHash, init, init, update, update
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Constructor Detail


public FNV1a64()
Create a hash

Method Detail


protected long fnv(byte[] buf,
                   int offset,
                   int len,
                   long seed)
Description copied from class: FNV1
Compute the hash value.

Specified by:
fnv in class FNV1
buf - byte buffer from which to compute the hash
offset - starting position in the buffer
len - number of bytes after the starting position
seed - initial seed (or previous hash value)
the next hash value